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Frequently Asked Questions about Logging In

Q. What is my login name?
A. Your login name is your full domain name (e.g. "" without "http://" or "www.") if you are logging in through the web interface, or the first part of your domain name (e.g. "mysite") if you are logging in via FTP.
Q. I can't remember my password; can you email it to me?
A. If you forget your password, simply click on the following URL: If that does not work, CONTACT US.  We will email your password to the primary email address you used when you signed up.  We cannot send it to a different email address. Make sure you include your eSmart domain in your email so that we know which account to look up!
Q. Why do I keep getting logged out immediately after logging in to the File Manager?
A. Make sure you have cookies enabled on your web browser.  The File Manager uses cookies to remember that you have logged in.
Q. How can I upload multiple files to my web space?
A. While you can use the File Manager to upload files one at a time, it may be easier for you to use FTP.  You can find a good FTP client at (search term: "ftp").   We favor WS FTP or Cute FTP, but there are many others that are just as good.
Q. Why can't I see the file I just uploaded?
A. Usually this is because you have uploaded a file that is larger than the size we permit on the server. The maximum file size that we permit on our server for free accounts is 650k.  Files over that size are automatically deleted.

If you have a question that is not answered here, check out the main FAQ or CONTACT US.

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